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Tandem helps individuals and families achieve their financial objectives through a disciplined investment management process and objective financial advice. Our aim is to deliver long-term risk-adjusted returns while helping clients develop a clear path to sustained financial health and success.

Tandem is also an experienced manager of trust portfolios. We work with trustees and beneficiaries to design and implement a clear investment policy that is understood by and meets the needs of all persons involved. We believe communication between trustees and beneficiaries is essential, and we help facilitate an ongoing dialogue to help meet fiduciary obligations.

Many investors are unaware of what they hold, how much it is costing them or the level of risk present in their portfolios. We often meet with individuals who are surprised to find that their portfolios are either too aggressive or too conservative for their individual risk tolerance. Tandem’s clients are different; they understand where, when and why they are taking on risk thanks to an ongoing collaboration with their advisor and Tandem’s commitment to client education.

Investors of all levels of financial understanding share one common goal: to protect and grow their savings in order to ensure a secure and happy future for themselves and their families. With the myriad investment products and services available today, individuals need an informed, independent source that is on their side to help guide them towards making this goal a reality. As independent investment professionals, Tandem cultivates relationships based on honesty, transparency and dedication. Our clients’ success is our number one priority at all times.

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