Ninth Edition

The Importance of Protection Planning

This month we turn the tables, with Amy asking Angus Schaal, Tandem’s Senior Managing Director, to review protection planning, a too often overlooked part of wealth building.

Amy: What is protection planning?

Angus: Protection planning helps identify areas of risk and protects against catastrophic asset losses. Protecting assets against unexpected life events is a crucial part of financial planning that is often overlooked, and many people who do have insurance don’t have the correct amount of coverage. You can protect yourself and your family by purchasing adequate life and disability insurance policies.

Amy: What protection does life insurance provide?

Amy Bush, CFA

Chief Investment Officer

C. Angus Schaal, CFP®

Senior Managing Director

Angus: Life insurance can provide a lump sum or regular payments to replace lost income, ensuring
that your family can continue to meet their day-to-day expenses, pay bills, and maintain their
standard of living in the event of your untimely passing.

Amy: What protection does disability insurance provide?

Angus: Disability insurance serves as a safety net that protects individuals from financial hardship caused by an unexpected disability or injury that prevents them from working for a prolonged period. Statistics show that a significant portion of the population will experience a disability at some point in their lives. In such instances, disability insurance provides a reliable source of income replacement, ensuring that individuals can meet their financial obligations, sustain their quality of life, and focus on their recovery without undue stress.

Amy: How do I get insurance, and how do I know whether I have the right coverage?

Angus: Many people can purchase insurance through their employers, and individual policies are also available. If you want to confirm that you have the right amount of coverage or need help evaluating insurance options, please contact us. Tandem is more than happy to help you assess your insurance needs.


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