We make it simple
Tandem translates an investor’s risk tolerance into an actively-managed portfolio.

We partner with advisors to help deliver an improved client experience. With Tandem, advisors offer something different from expensive mutual funds and insurance-based products and can grow their practice while maintaining access to portfolio managers.

Investment Strategy
Tandem’s investment process utilizes an expansive dataset of macroeconomic indicators and variables, enabling our team of strategists to maximize key, real-time data to make asset allocation decisions. Our actively-managed portfolios use diversification, balance, and a consistent investment process to smooth returns over total market cycles while pursuing a total return strategy that produces growth and income.

Please click on a fund fact sheet for more information on Tandem’s risk-adjusted returns and portfolio management.

Benefits for Advisors
Advisors benefit from the Tandem Collective Funds® and Tandem ETF Portfolios® by providing plan participants and clients with professionally managed investments. The nature of ETF-focused portfolios means reduced portfolio costs without the unreported fees found in mutual fund portfolios and insurance-based products.

Rather than explain the exhaustive specifics of investment options, advisors help clients understand their risk comfort levels. Our holistic, cost-efficient and high-level service allows advisors to deepen client conversations and better understand their needs.

Enhanced Profitability
A recent industry study suggests that advisors who use outsourced investment management can generate more compensation than advisors who actively manage portfolios themselves. With Tandem’s lower internal expenses and management costs, advisors can generate the same if not more revenue than they would from mutual fund portfolios and insurance-based products.

Benefits for Your Clients
Tandem delivers a professionally managed portfolio in a single, risk-based fund so investors can focus on building long-term savings and maintaining financial wellness. Through asset allocation, lower fees, and increased transparency, Tandem provides performance with risk-and-return objectives suited to client and plan participant needs.