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Retirement Plans

Developing a retirement plan that is right for a small business, corporation, partnership or organization is an important tool for attracting and retaining employees. Further, it provides employees and owners with tax and saving advantages.

Tandem Wealth Advisors, in partnership with a team of highly skilled retirement plan providers, offers retirement plans superior to their common counterparts. The plans offered by Tandem are devoid of underperforming, expense-laden mutual funds, and operate with much lower administrative fees. In addition, participants may opt to have Tandem manage their plan assets. Tandem’s investment professionals provide four risk-based portfolios in addition to a menu of high-quality, low-expense investment funds.

Tandem offers a variety of qualified and non-qualified retirement plan solutions to meet the needs of both employers and their employee participants. These solutions are extremely competitive and low-cost for employers, and they help participants succeed in saving for retirement.

Today, participants must assume the role of portfolio manager for their accounts. The myriad of investment choices has turned participants’ retirement into a game of chance. Few plan participants have the education, experience or temperament to effectively manage their retirement savings. Further, employers need access to retirement plans that transparent with straightforward fees so participants are not fleeced by excessive fees.

Tandem ensures that plan sponsors receive the guidance, disclosure, reporting and advice needed to provide employees with a superior retirement plan. Employers who select Tandem as a retirement plan solution provide their employees with the opportunity to receive professional portfolio management of their retirement assets rather than costly mutual funds or insurance product subaccounts as investment option.

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