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How We Invest

Tandem’s advisors work with clients to identify an acceptable asset allocation based on individual investment objectives. This requires an understanding of the client’s complete investor profile as it relates to the current economic and market environment. Tandem’s disciplined approach reflects a long-term investment focus that seeks to achieve stable returns over time without substantial risk.

The firm allocates assets across three major categories: equities, fixed income, and cash. Equities are used to seek long-term capital appreciation in a portfolio and are diversified by capitalization (e.g., large, mid and small cap stocks), geography (e.g., US and Non-US stocks) and style (e.g., core, growth, and value stocks). Fixed income is the ballast of an investment portfolio, providing regular income with less chance of loss to principal. Finally, a small portion of an investment portfolio is allocated to cash equivalents in order to cover any expenses and/or distributions that may be needed.

A customized solution is constructed for each client using the firm’s managed portfolio strategies and services. Tandem combines its equity portfolios with its fixed income portfolios for moderate risk in a balanced portfolio suited to each client’s specific needs.

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